Spruced up Soap & Lotion holder

Hi folks!

I wanted to hop on here real quick and post some pics of very simple & quick project I did using ONLY supplies I had on-hand. Cost $0! I love when I can do this type of project.

I decided that the fall soap & lotion I never end up using all of needed to be used up and spruced up! Hey, I made a rhyme, lol.

I’ll post the pics and supplies I used below. One thing that is note worthy: never spray paint silicone items, they use a ton of paint and crack the second you pick them up ๐Ÿ˜ฆ



Metal holder

Almond color Rustoleum spray paint

Fall leaves (these are from old garland I had laying around)

Cool, old button from my stash

Jute twine

Hot Glue

Coated paper doily (Michaels 4-5 years ago?)









DIY $1 Store Napkin Rings

Hi folks and Happy Fall! Or as most are saying “Happy Pumpkin Spice Season” ๐Ÿ™‚ So, I decided the napkin rings I had on the table were a bit too “spring” inspired. They were the right color but… Ya.

In keeping with tradition of viewing craft inspired videos while gaining inspiration, I decided to do my own napkin rings with $1 store materials. I shopped at the 99ยข only store and spent $2.00 and had materials leftover! All other materials and tools, I already had on-hand.

#1 – Step one

Decide you want to change out your current napkin rings.


#2 – Step two

Shop for $1 Store Supplies


#3 – Step three

Gather supplies & tools you have on-hand for the project


#4 – Step four

Spray paint book rings gold (outside)


#5 -Step five

Remove 4 metal leaves from $1 candle holder


#6 – Step six

Lay metal leaves out and ponder how you are going to execute this task

Image result for emojis


#7 – Step seven

Apply adhesive with a toothpick after bending end of leaf with needle-nose pliers


#8 – Step eight

Place book rings in crevice of leaf where glue is and use pliers to pinch down (this part was tricky because of the ring joint) and allow to dry


#9 – Step nineImage result for surprised emoji face

Realize the Gorilla glue you used was not the right adhesive choice and defer to your trusted hot glue gun AND reinforce with super glue in the crevices


#10 – Step ten

Jazz them up with some glitter glue and allow to dry over night (I’ll wait to show you the finished product)…

#11 – Step eleven

Find uses for leftover supplies Pic 1: berry basket from Michaels I scored for $1.60, added washi tape and bent one of the leaves over the middle Pic 2: I actually didn’t mind the look of the candle holder after most leaves were removed, so I used it as-is (candle is from Pier 1 many, many years ago



#12 – Step twelve

Finished product!



I really hope you enjoyed this post and get inspired to try a fall DIY yourself! Now to start thinking about Christmas, hmmm…ย Image result for christmas emoji



Refurbishing a Tiki Hut Decor Piece.

Faded. Dirty. Bird Poo. Old looking.

Other than that, it’s perfectly fine and in good condition.


Break out the acrylic paint, glitter glue, Martha Stewart metallic craft paint and brushes.

Put on your favorite show in craft room, grab a yummy coffee from the kitchen, sit down.


DSCN2326.JPGFaded. No Bird Poo though… ๐Ÿ™‚

DSCN2328.JPG“Oooooo”, say it, you can say it, the Cuisinart tea kettle is awesome.






DSCN2333.JPGJust bring Honeymoon Viognier from Trader Joe’s for meeeeeee.


DSCN2335.JPGNever forget the feetย โˆ‡โˆ‡โˆ‡โˆ‡


The End.

I hope you enjoyed, now go do something crafty, you’ll like it, I promise.

Quick and Easy Birthday Banner


I had a friend ask me the night before her daughter’s 5th birthday party if I would be willing to make a Birthday Banner.

My 1st thought was “banners are sooo much work and so time consuming!” My 2nd thought was picturing her daughter’s face upon seeing her custom banner ๐Ÿ™‚

I knew it was new territory for me and I’d have to wing it since I had no template or dies for the shape. I found it was way easier than I thought.

  1. Picked out the card stock: black for the back ground and hot-pink for the forefront.
  2. Picked out the alphas that would “pop”.
  3. Chose the die cut shapes I already has on-hand to place the alphas on in bright white.
  4. Next, I made one pennant in its entirety then used it as the template for the rest of the 3 so I didn’t have to keep measuring.
  5. I added grommets with my Crop-O-Dial and some glittery matching ribbon and a sparkly beaded bow off an infant headband as bling. I attached this with glue dots and WHAMMO! Mission completed!
  6. IMG_20180519_082652812 (1).jpgIMG_20180519_082648874.jpgIMG_20180518_202502113_HDR.jpgIMG_20180518_202457821_HDR.jpgthumbnailI really like the way it came out considering I had limited time to make it and used ONLY what I had on-hand ๐Ÿ™‚ I think the key to being able to whip something out like this in a moments notice is to have a substantial stash (which I’ve been collecting for years)!

Mother’s Day card

Hi peeps! I made this card from some old stash and just wanted to pop on here and share. It was part of an order of 5 cards I completed recently. The stack is K & Company and I just layered paper and fussy cut the butterflies out and left them half glued so that I can pop them up. The extra butterflies that were fussy cut were put inside of the card so that when the recipient opened it they would fall out.