On hand beauty…

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So my mom’s birthday is in May and this year we dug into the drawers and cupboards to create a farm themed table for her birthday dinner complete with pork chops, homemade cinnamon apple sauce and corn. I love creating beautiful things from what I have on hand already. This was fun and inspiring to do and was finished off with iris from the yard in a milk glass jug. Call me compulsive, conservative or just quirky but I really object to having nice things and never using them. Hearing things like “that’s old and fragile, let’s use something else instead” makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end (in a not so good way). Remember those e-mails circulating that spoke of wearing your best, most expensive perfume or nicest clothes, using your best dishes, sharing your affections on those close to you, living in the moment always as if it were your last? I need more of that in my life. More of really living and savoring what’s right in front of me and appreciating it to the umph degree (that’s a scientific term you know). Tell me your favorite thing to do or create, make, etc… without spending and using what you have or share an insight about why or why not to save great treasures for “later”… I’d love to hear.


One thought on “On hand beauty…

  1. We experienced a bad fire in 1991. We lost some of our family heirlooms and almost lost more! If it had not been for my husband and a dear friend of ours who was staying with us, we might have lost the entire house and everything in it! This is the lesson I learned; You never know what will happen from day to day, life is short so don’t waste your time on petty things, USE YOUR GOOD DISHES ALL THE TIME OR AT LEAST DISPLAY THEM SO YOU CAN ENJOY THEM! We live in California so we never know what disaster might plague is next, EARTH, WIND OR FIRE, or we still might drop into the ocean! 😉 (NOT!!)
    Enjoy the ones you love, don’t fight if you can help it, stand up for what you believe in whether anyone agrees with you or not is not important and most of all do not be afraid of death, you walk with him everyday, you just don’t know it!
    Winter Bear Trading

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