Tea Tree and Bug Bites – an “itchy” story

I took my little bottle of Tea Tree oil and a Q-tip and began applying it at 11:30pm last night after my bug bites (still not sure what variety they are) fleas, mosquito, spider… and in no time, I was feverishly rubbing the oil on with that little Q-tip not for application purposes but rubbing in a way that if it were my finger nails would have left my skin bleeding! Ahhh… the underestimation of insect poison.

It was definitely a wiser choice than scratching because if I had scratched, I would have removed layers of skin from the itchy, warm burning that plagues us when we’ve been bitten.

POINT (there is one): Today, the bites are less red, less swollen and I’m not itching. Well…at least I wasn’t until I started this post (off to grab the Tea Tree oil)!


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