My Mom Made This Album!- G45 Nutcracker Sweet

G45’s Nutcracker Sweet papers are so beautiful! My mom who is a recent pro-paper crafter made this album for her mother-in-law as a belated Christmas gift. I’m just getting it up on my blog now because it’s taken her some time to complete it. As you’ll see by the many photos, there are plenty of tags, pockets, embellishments, ribbons, gems, pull-outs and more!  It really is a holiday work of art made with love, love and more love. There is a YouTube video of this fabulous album that gives you an inside & up-close look at it down below, check it out!

I know Cheri will be astounded!

Enjoy 🙂

DSCN2794 DSCN2795 DSCN2796 DSCN2797 DSCN2798 DSCN2799 DSCN2800 DSCN2801 DSCN2802 DSCN2803 DSCN2804 DSCN2805 DSCN2806 DSCN2807 DSCN2808 DSCN2809 DSCN2810 DSCN2811 DSCN2812 DSCN2813 DSCN2815 DSCN2816 DSCN2817 DSCN2818 DSCN2819 DSCN2820 DSCN2821 DSCN2822 DSCN2823 DSCN2824 DSCN2825 DSCN2826 DSCN2827 DSCN2828 DSCN2829 DSCN2830 DSCN2831 DSCN2832 DSCN2833 DSCN2834 DSCN2835 DSCN2836 DSCN2837 DSCN2838 DSCN2839 DSCN2840



2 thoughts on “My Mom Made This Album!- G45 Nutcracker Sweet

  1. Thank you, Colleen, for putting this up for me. You did a really fabulous job on the photos! I will check her album tomorrow then get it ready for shipping. She will have Christmas for her birthday!
    Mom aka Winter Bear Trading

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