Do THIS more Colleen…

This is a very unconventional post for me considering this is my craft blog, but hey, we all need a little flavor in our lives, yes?

So, it’s Saturday and I’m up at 7AM. WHY? you ask. Because someone’s teen has theater practice at 8AM. OK, so I drop my kiddo off then decide that this breezy, sunny and crisply charged perfect morning  is too magical to be wasted by going back to bed. So… I drive.

I go around town and into Montecito by the cemetery on a road that leads to a few great local spots.  One being, Music Academy of the West. I couldn’t have stumbled into a more “magical” place this morning. Now, I’ve been here several times for events, shopping at the Treasure House and at night with a past love, but this morning was so different, it was eerily breezy – STOP – note: Colleen (that’s me) adores the wind, OK proceed, beautifully crisp and wonderfully green. I was quiet, very quiet which lately, I have been practicing in my car due to a God inspired vow of radio silence if you will, so it seemed fitting… I walked the grounds unnoticed and completely at peace while adoring this local treasure. I have to admit, I seldom noticed the charm of this place and the “feel” it has. I remember watching the movie Great Expectations and how the manor featured in the story had a haunted, run down and grand feel to it. Yes, same here.

In case you were wondering, my favorite photo is the light fixture riddled with cobwebs. To me, it’s symbolic of unkempt belongings due to abundance, striving for more  and perhaps a dash of loss and sorrow. Now, I know that just reeked of poetic angst, it  does, no apologies here though.

OK, since images speak louder than words (for most), I’ll resign here and let you enjoy these shots from the breezy, crisp Saturday morning I had at Music Academy in Santa Barbara.


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