Halloween Chipboard Album #1


Okay so here is post #1 of an exciting project I’m looking forward to completing before cute, little, costume-ridden kids come knocking on my door for candy – (61 more days)!

I promise I won’t hide upstairs with the lights out because all I have are water crackers and beef jerky either, you have my word. My ultimate goal for this album is to have it represent all the spooky elements of Halloween as well as the fun, kid-centric aspects. I’ll be using fun, bright patterned paper, tons of embellishments and I’m forcing myself to incorporate technique, technique, technique. I really love the traditional colors and patterns used together for Halloween: orange, purple, lime green, black, polka dots, harlequin, even plaids now!  Love IT!

The picture you see here is step #1 of painting the edges of the large chipboard album pages with black acrylic craft paint so that when (dun, dun, dun) 12×12 paper is placed, covers the page and voila!

I have a few edges to clean up because I stacked the “dry” pages on top of one another and because of the heat and humidity… A few edges stuck together. Lesson learned.

Stay tuned for next steps and the final result.

Props: I would like to mention my inspiration for this Halloween Album, awesome Belinda… {grin} http://youtu.be/Jny3Q5FDMws