Cute Shaker Card Gone Wrong

OK, so I attempted my first shaker card after watching a few YouTube videos. And being that my mom’s birthday is coming up, I thought using a fun, retro collection she got me would be a great choice. It’s called Birthday Cake by Pretty Little Studio.

The last few steps that are supposed to be popping “back” the shaker box was where I made my misstep. The foam frame with background diecut shape and acetate with filler is supposed to be hidden behind a piece of cardstock cut to size of your card that has a window cut into it in a smaller size so it creates a frame to hide the shaker box assembly…  A little hard to explain, much easier to see on a video.

Because this process has so many steps, it’s great to watch the pros out there in YouTube land and follow along step-by-step. My cards fault: the shaker box is up as opposed to down and hidden under the cardstock of choice.

Take a look! Oh, and Happy upcoming Birthday mom, I hope you like it xo

photo 1.2 photo 1_1 photo 2_1 photo 3_1 photo 4